Second – but not

Last time I wrote exactly hundred words because I understood that each assignment-entry is limited to hundred words. This time, I know I can go beyond. At least in the word number.

As I mentioned earlier, most entries in this blog are short records of each of the steps I make toward becoming a web designer. Others would call them home work. They would be perfectly right, since I write this blog as part of my assignments. Each week I have two classes, which means two entries are posted weekly. In fact three, because from next week, I have an additional entry to make in which I visit and comment on the blog by one of my class mates. I am not sure if I would ever venture to write a blog on my own. But this is irrelevant now, and somehow paradoxical, as this entry does not answer the questions of the next assignment. The reason is because I am not able to acquire the necessary technical background. However, it does allow me to create categories in my blog!  Hence, this entry will not make into the regular category of entries.

My second assignment is to compare three designs of a web site as time passed by and evaluate how it transformed. But when I am trying to view a site I receive a  message arguing that because robots.txt is unable to enter the site, I cannot view the page that I requested. After having received this message so many times, I gave up and checked what robots.txt document is. And it turns out that is so much relevant to my project, so I decided to write about it. Now I know, what every sci-fi fan knows: there are good and bad robots. I also learned that by using robots.txt I can not really stop bad robots entering my site, but I can try. Once getting to my final project, I will.

I hope I can write the next entry about the evolution of the design of a web site…..

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