Fourth – the first step toward a web site

Today I start building an interactive news site for kids. The below scan is the first wireframe sketch of the main page of my future website. This is my final project for this course. The idea of the site is to bring news to kids from their town, country, and the rest of the world and to allow them to write news about the events to their fellow readers and authors. Under news team membership readers can read about the technicalities of contributing and also the terms, which they have to accept. When one actually wishes to contribute, he or she needs to click on the bottom news from you or follow the lead from the news team membership. By logging in, one can see all his or her contributions and his or her profile, the latter is always open to updates. Contributions are reviewed by the site operators before final posting. The search and follow are buttons of the customary use. The news can be read either by topic: based on the buttons on the horizontal bar. The reader can navigate and read news depending on the relevance of the news: selection is between local, national, and international news. In order to activate the local and the national news site, one must click on “where you live” and choose from the list, or add to it. In the footer, About, Copyrights, Privacy Policy are buttons of the customary use.

I have some ideas of the domain name, but I have not made any decisions yet.

By the way, I am very curious to know, why wireframe is usually written as one word and yet, a central site of the virtual life on the internet, the spelling check of does not accept it, only if written in two words? And why the spell check of does not accept the word wordpress?

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