Fifth – about typefaces

In my first posting I answered the question of what I consider be good design with a reference to one of the readings. The article that I read then said that good design was like good typefaces, which either lend a great personality or are neutral enough to channel the content in its purest form. Obviously, when thinking about choosing the fonts for my websites, I keep this in mind. Today’s assignment is to think about the fonts I will be using when designing my website, and the reasons of my choices.

Until now I thought of two main guidelines of how to make my choices. The first is that children today, at least in parts of  the United States, do not learn cursive letters any more. Therefore my site will not use any fonts that imitate cursive writing. The second is to make the text easy to read, therefore I am looking for fonts that are more square-like.

For example, I find Felix Titling a nice font for buttons to navigate to the interior pages of the site. The characters seem as if were carved out from perfect squares, but do not remind textbooks. They are not rounded. The font was developed by Microsoft and it has a story, which makes me like the font more. It was developed based on the typography of the Veronese calligrapher and painter Felice Feliciano. (With such a name you could only make happy things!)

I also find Constantia an interesting font. It reminds me newspaper fonts, but not quite. This is a less narrow, nevertheless formal type, seems to be easy on the eye. Research conducted by the Software Usability Research Laboratory at Wichita State University shows that Constantia is a highly legible font created by Microsoft.

Nonetheless, as part of my future usability tests, I will check both fonts with potential future readers.

    • rrolfe
    • February 3rd, 2012

    Felix Titling is very distinctive – I think the x-height (height from the base of the letter to the top) might be a little small so if you use it, make sure it’s at least 14px or more. I think Constantia best though – more ideal for reading, which your users will be doing a lot of!

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