Fourth: about colors – little comment

For the coming class I read about color usage on the web. A whole technical apparatus supports the different shades that can be boiled down to the basic colors of red, yellow, and blue. From there we go to the secondary and tertiary colors and the different softwares that help to design not only the color of the pictures one uses but the color the viewer sees.

How familiar the topic and how disturbing the variance for somebody who until now was familiar with only the color theory of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The color theory of the German poet-scientist also aimed at correcting Newton’s claims on light and optics. Goethe not only impressed the protagonists of my dissertation but also one of my favorite author of children’s book: Eric Carle.

I have already played with ideas of how to color my website, so that it will remain colorful without turning it into a color chaos, i. e. a misinterpretation of children’s esthetics.

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