Sixth – my color choices

The next step toward the web site that I design, is to pick up its colors. In order to find the right colors, one can do many things. All depends on how much time one is ready to invest in the quest. Since the possibilities are beyond the capacity of the human eye – as far as I am concerned – the more time spent with oscillating between different shades and intensities of the same color, the more confused and disillusioned the future designer will be. And even though I have very clear arguments for the colors to be chosen, I still feel, it could be better. The only counter argument that I can bring in order to pull myself away from the screen is that this is only my first try, the initial step, and there is still more time to make final decisions. So the below four colors represent my first choice of the coloring of the four main segments of the web site.


The website allows readers to read news on three different levels, while one of these is further divided into two sub-segments. Thus the compound level will be in the blue-region, hence, I chose these two different shades of blue. The green and the lilac represent the other two levels. (The lilac might be too close to the darker blue, and thus  changed.) All these colors will work well with a fifth, contrasting (in the color jargon complementary) one from the area of oranges. And I will add a rather neutral color as well. Whereas the orange will be a good eye catcher, the neutral color used in different values may work as a font color on the one extreme, and as background on the other extreme. At a later stage, I will give them a try.

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