Seventh – about a text editor

This class’s blog-question is for advanced text editor users. I need to “pretend” as if my choice of Notepad++ was actually a choice made after knowing other text editors, which I tried out previously. I analyze the interface based on my first encounter of the program, which I just downloaded. I like that the lines are numbered and that the logos of the different commands follow the line of those softwares that I know and used for writing, creating tables and presentations. I do not need to relearn these commands. I also learned that I can view the text that I type in in different sizes without affecting what I actually code. Great, especially that I trust my eyes less when reading the screen. I am more confident of paying attention to typos when I see a printed paper. Nevertheless, the spell checker is more than a helpful function, it is a great psychological support. As far as I understand, this text editor allows the programming of a code, which can be visually received easily. I can look over the code that I produce easily. With more experienced eyes, the visual design can be envisioned much easier. I guess, a good text editor is like clear notation for the musician. Only by looking at the notes, he or she can hear the music played by the different instruments. Like Mozart in Forman’s Amadeus.

I was trying to play around with the program based on my almost zero experience. Because I often use characters that are not part of the English alphabet, I was trying to see, how they work in Notepad++. I wish, it had an on-screen keyboard, just to be able to type straight with non-English characters. The solution that Notepad++ offers is not that bad at all. I mean, it is not less convenient than to work with any other writing program that allows the insertion of “special characters.” Their usage is anyway less connected to actual coding than with the producing of texts in-between tags. (Exceptions might prevail.) For writing the good old German umlaute this is great, but I still have to figure out, how to use Chinese, Hebrew, or Arabic characters and write with them longer passages in a considerable length of time and not by copy-pasting from a different file. Not that I would use all of them for my website, and I certainly hope, I will know HTML before I learn Chinese. Nonetheless, they might be important if I am going to deal with international news….

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