Eighteenth – associative homage à André Schwarz-Bart – about QR, again

This assignment is an extension of the previous one. We are still discussing QRs and their current usage. Accepting the criticism of the two authors regarding the current usage of the QR codes, the question to answer today departs from the assumption that in the West, QRs are not used at their optimum. I need to answer whether I see the mushrooming of poor applications of the QR codes as a result of its relative novelty and I expect that the market will grow this out, or as a lack of education how to correctly implement them in the cyberspace.

I think, the current usage of QRs is informative of only the current phase of their usage, which nevertheless is closely connected to the current usage of the web. The milliards of bloggers, endless number of forum participants, and other contributors to the web content open to everybody created a space, where professionals and amateurs, talented content creators and narcissistic and self-appointed authors are equally given voices. This diversity is also reflected in the varying practice of QR code implementation. One would hope that time brings some improvement. However, there is a growing number of tools that allow people barely possessing any knowledge of the web and coding to create web content. Consequently, the spread of unsophisticated web content, including wrongly implemented QR codes, spreads the web. Nevertheless, as with fashion and many other things including web design, if a good practice pop ups and catches on, the trend would turn and a better thought out manner of QR code implementation would spread over the net. But it can happen only if the very same undereducated content providers continue to rely on examples and embrace not only bad but also good practices of programming.

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