Twenty-sixth – ads on the site

This assignment is about advertisement on the site. On my site. I need to think not whether I would integrate ads into my site but how I would do that. I was thinking earlier if my site would ever be attractive for advertisers and what kind of advertisements I would agree to appear on the site. In the ideal state I would welcome ads for websites or products that further enrich my audience and complete the experience my site provides to them. So I would definitely feel honored if the BBC children program would view my site as a place that it is worth to place an ad or if DOGO News would have asked to cross link the two sites. (If they do not, I will do that once my site is fully developed.) But I am less certain about any large toy merchant’s ad. And if I think this question one step further, I become even less confident whether I can think all the ramifications of advertising through. After all I have similar experience in designing web marketing as in web design itself. But in an ideal world I would not need to contemplate about economic sustainability, and my decisions about advertisements would be based solely on principles and questions of content.

Shifting the focus from the whether to the how, I think, first and foremost, I would integrate the ads into the picture that I drew. They could be elements of the picture and by clicking on these elements viewers would be exposed to the advertised product or service. In other words, even by complying with the IAB guidelines, I would prioritize the visual appearance of the site and surrender the IAB guidelines – without breaking them – to my design.

I guess, this answer betrays that I took a web design and not a web marketing design course. I assume that having more experience in both would have made the wireframing process easier. I can imagine the situation where not only designers, ideally with  experience in coding, but also marketing experts and PR people are involved in the design process from a relatively early phase. They can offer useful input about placing, coloring, sizing ads on the future site. But again, this would be the world of professionals, and not the reality that I face now: to make my site functional till the end of the semester.

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