Twenty-fifth – the carousel

This assignment puts me on an imaginary carousel. (Both because I mixed up the dates and I am completing this assignment after I mistakenly jumped over it and for last time I completed the assignment that was due now – though I am posting it under the correct serial number – and also because of its subject.) Supposedly I am a web designer, who read the relevant article on Yahoo! Development Network and has a boss who asks to add a photo carousel to my final project site. I need to elaborate an answer, both positive and negative. How I would implement a carousel and if I’d rather not, what arguments would I bring up.

On my site I highlight three news articles on the pages of the International, the National, and the Local News. I designed those pages static, in other words, the pictures do not change, each has its own place, and by clicking on them or on the headline underneath, one can read the whole article on a pop-up page. I also inserted a button for more news, which leads to a news page, from where additional news articles can be read as well. A carousel could be a natural evolution from here and would also allow me to highlight more articles. However, I’d rather not change my original static design for several reasons (in addition to that it was previously approved and I hope to finish it by the deadline):

  • I would like to keep the site as small as possible provided that I would like to have it used in a classroom and that schools not necessarily have the latest hardware with the fastest processors, etc.
  • Also, I would like to make the site accessible on the simplest way and by doing that, it is easier to have a class looking at it in a coordinated manner
  • By making the site the simplest possible,and keeping the content in a rather static frame, for its target audience, that is elementary and middle school-aged children, the design will further underline that this site is less about clicking than reading and writing.

But because I respect my boss’s experience and that s/he is up-to-date on web design matters, I did think about the benefits of adding a carousel to the site. The Yahoo! article makes a good job in repeatedly articulating the advantages of a carousel: economizing on limited “page real estate.” However, my site does not suffer from lack of space. But because I read the assigned literature – again: by mistake – in reversed order, I had this idea: what if I could eventually attract advertisers and insert their advertisements into a carousel. This way I could really minimize the surface of the site that will be hopefully dedicated to commercial usage and hence provide revenue to be turned into further site development. I hope, my boss will like this solution.

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