Twenty-eighth – size matters


During Spring break we met a family. The two children, I assume in elementary school, 3rd-5th graders, have both tablets and iPhones. Both kids had both of the two devices. Their grandmother was sitting on a bench and reading something on her iPhone while the two kids were playing on the playground. She must have had their mobile devices next to her, otherwise I do not know, how they managed to climb, jump, run around with a tablet and an iPhone on them, wearing a short and a t-shirt – regardless how small these devices are. And this is very much in connection to this assignment asking how I would make a mobile version to my site. Concerning that buttons require 40*40px, I need to think, how my website would work on a tablet or an iPhone.

Going back to my spring break experience, just like this assignment, it reminded me that I need to make my site work on mobile devices. But instead of thinking if a 40*40px button will work or not, I am more worried about other things: like how the site will shrink once put on a screen than is smaller than its actual size. First I should learn how to code so that the size of the page is flexible. Then I worry about the buttons. Because if I see that the shrinking is not working, then I need to think of another solution, like new style sheets, and then I will be considering those button sizes as well. And why I am insisting on the flexible size: because I set the size of the pages 1024*800px thinking of the average computer screens used in schools. I aimed at creating pages that the users need not to scroll. But tablets and smart phones are all about scrolling. So flexibility could give me the first hint or work as a compass where to go from the point my site appears on the screen of a tablet.

This is the worst time of this process. The deadline is coming up, my site is almost complete and now I see the problems. And now I am not sure, if I am built to rethink the code. And this is very frustrating since I am aware where my code could be better: more efficient, elegant, succinct. Yet, knowing it, does not make me able to fix it.

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