Thirty – the end and looking back to the beginning

As a final blog posting, I am answering questions that in part were asked at the very beginning. This is also a reminder of the length of the  journey to which I departed three months ago: What product, object or thing comes to mind when thinking of the words “good design?” How does that product, object, or thing embody the design ideal? By good design I still mean a content-specific wrapping. An outside appearance that further emphasizes on the content that it presence. If I think back to the websites I visited during the past several months, Nespresso’s is one of those sites I think of as good design. It is very clean, elegant, with a strong color-palette. Despite the fact that the site constantly expands, more products by Nespresso are introduced, and more and platforms are getting involved in the advertisement campaign, the design remains the same. It is a living classing because it has a very strong sense of standard and every new element is harmonized with the existing ones. Why is it important for you to become successful at web design? What is your history in the field and where do you hope to go with it? It was important for me to understand and learn web design, I did not think of success when I started the course. Success is being capable to implement what I learned, and I see with my final design that there are many things that I learned, and even more that I learned about and I still haven’t learned. But this is not unique for my experience in this course. It is the same with many other things. This course, however, gave me the possibility to see how my knowledge and capacity to create changed at a very high pace. In no other field I saw myself implementing and realizing information that I just gathered so quickly. It is a very satisfying experience. What’s the main thing you learned this semester? (It doesn’t have to be class-related. Sometimes we learn most outside of a classroom.) What’s one thing you still wish to learn? The most interesting thing I learned this semester is the thinking of visuals and looking at pictures in a different way which, nevertheless, did not affect my taste. I still like the same things as before, but to a certain extent, I learned to analyze. The coding was also an important experience, but somehow it did not feel that new. I think, the main thing I became very tuned to is the teaching style of the instructors. They inspired me and I look forward to integrate what I learned from them and to what they inspired me.

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