This is a blog by a student of history venturing to a new forum of exchanging ideas. A record of a journey to the world beyond digitized books.

Below I posted two pictures of the rare kinds of texts that despite their unique picturesque nature, I am used to study. In contrast to the many academic books, hard copies and digitized equally, that rarely include pictures, these archival materials also qualify as images that include text. They do so much more than the secondary sources I am trained to read, scan, analyze, and ultimately argue with. They open a window to a world where text and image were equal partners. When preparing texts was just one channel of transmitting messages. When the text demanded the creation of its own individualized environment.  This is almost the world of the then-future internet. Date-wise they belong to the past, but looking at them with the eye of the future designer, they represent the very present. They are the object of my awe, both as a student of history and future web designer.

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